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Women of the Earth

(Creator & Director)

Women of the Earth is a documentary series dedicated to celebrating female identifying people who cultivate our food, create medicine for our communities, and take care of the earth that takes care of us all. Each episode will capture a different female identifying person or group, whose positive interaction with the earth is solving problems for their communities, their families, and the world at large.

Hemp Sisters

Episode 1 (2020)
Credit: Creator

Two sisters in the Hudson Valley draw on their familial farming practices, using hemp to heal soil while blazing a trail in regenegerative agriculture.

Indigenous Healing

Episode 2 (2021)
Credit: Creator

Twila Cassadore uses foraging and hunting as a vehicle for food sovereignty, and the earth’s medicine as a means to heal her community from chronic health conditions, addiction, and trauma.
Barnwood Builders

(Producer, Season 9)

Barnwood Builders is a documentary television series following a team of builders from West Virginia that save history by taking down, restoring, and repurposing antique structures. Now streaming on DISCOVERY+
VANS x Pride

(Production Manager)

"Off The Wall" 2021 Campaign
Featuring Mich Miller
The Endless Sleepover

(Director, Episode 6)

The Endless Sleepover is a webseries that explores the private worlds of artists, and listens as they grapple with parenthood.
Boring – Lil' Mariko

(Production Assistant)